Thursday, 17 May 2012


Hello everyone! Just a little quickie today.
A while ago I mentioned that I was doing some logo design for Ange of Remedy. Well I can now reveal that the website has gone live so thought I would share the results and also spread the word about my friend's events.

And here they are!

web banner

Ange was keen to stay away from the typical 'earthy' colours associated with homeopathy and wanted the logo to convey a sense of community, discussion and moving forward. She described the aim of the group like this: " Evolving Homeopathic Thinking' is both the name of the 'group' and the name of the event. It is almost like a mission statement- we do what it says on the tin! The debate events will be challenging, controversial, constructive, passionate, critical without being opinionated or argumentative, encouraging, empowering, educational, brave, unafraid, modern and insightful." Phew!
I certainly hope my design goes some way in supporting their statement. (In case you were wondering the man is Samuel Hahnemann.)

You can see the logos in action here and here and also read all about the EHT events taking place.

I have to admit designing a logo was much harder than I thought it would be but I am pleased with the results and I hope the Evolving Homeopathic Thinkers are too. Best of luck with the events guys and thank you for letting me give logo design a bash!


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  1. Great logo! I really like how it works on the web banner :o)