Wednesday, 30 March 2011

'twas a nice day for a White wedding

The weather was lovely and the venue was pretty. The groom looked dapper and the bride looked stunning. All was set for a wonderful White wedding. And what a fun day it was! Congratulations Dave and Rachel White and thanks for sharing your special day.

The New Mr & Mrs White
I decided to use some the vintage kimono fabric I have been collecting to make a cushion for their wedding present. I used natural linen fabric as the base and a different piece of silk kimono for the detail on the back to add an extra bit of interest.

Front of cushion and close up detail
back of cushion

For their card I wanted to do something a little different from a wedding scene of a bride and groom. I was inspired after making my Mother's Day 'One in a 1000000' card design to play with typography a little more.

The final design I chose used the date of their wedding as the main design element. Butterflies were a feature of their wedding invitations so I wanted to use them on the card (I am also a bit obsessed with butterflies so probably would have used them regardless!) I used Romantiques as the font and some amazing brushes and textures I found online. Click to link through to the sources.
Wedding Card Design

 It was also the day I got to wear my lovely Lady!Behave feathers! I have so far resisted wearing them to work everyday since
An early-in-the-day photo before the champagne and
barn dancing...

In shop news I will be putting my Easter cards on sale this week and I am working on some summer picnic accessories so keep an eye of for them! 


Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Ah the joys of leaving for work without a coat and coming home in the light. And the blossom is out and you can smell things again. Officially Brilliant.

So in honour of this fab season I have been making some pretty flower bits:

Chrysanthemum Ring- colour Chai Tea

Dahlia & Sakura drawing pins ( diplayed in the awesome
wine cork board my little sis made for my birthday)

Dahlia & Sakura magnets & my new business cards.
I found these amazing cabochons on etsty check out snapcrafty's profile- there's a lady with a plan B!

And in the name of the good ole spring clean I have made some bags to keep things tidy. A replacement scrabble bag so I don't get accused of cheating when they all fall out:

Appliqué 'S' for Scrabble 

And a peg bag for my friend Chris. Probably the strangest thing I have ever been asked at a wedding is ' can you make peg bags' but there you go and here you go- I hope you like it!

I have also had some more lovley presents from the internet-this time from picklehead

Picklehead's product description: Obviously librarian bear loves to read, but what he REALLY loves (in fact the whole reason he became a librarian in the first place) is looking up books in his card catalog. He's a silly bear who has a thing for little drawers of alphabetized cards.

This cute notebook is made from 30 pages of various papers. The cover is made from green card stock.

Picklehead's product description: Little pack of 10 security envelope stickers. These cuties were made from recycled security envelopes that I can't bear to throw out because of the cool patterns they come in! :)
And last but not least an embroidery hoop frame for Big Trev who is looking rather dapper at the moment.
Fabric: Bermuda Stripe from the Remix line Robert
Kaufman- watch out for a matching sundress!

Big Trev's collection of beautiful Cushions

The new bed. I love it. Can't you tell...

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Feathers, fabric & paper mache- oh my!

Yesterday I was more hungover than I could cope with. I was a pathetic and sorry sight. But instead of telling me to 'man-up and get on with it'- my beloved boy pretended it was my birthday. I was treated to breakfast in bed complete with flowers on the tray and a bundle on internet gifts that had arrived for me that morning.

And what gifts they were! There are many reasons that I love online shopping, but the main reason is that it feels like you are being sent presents, and when you receive something as beautifully presented and wrapped as this you feel like the most special person ever.

Can't wait to wear my new accessories to my friend's wedding
in 2 weeks time

Check out the vintage photograph greeting card and the tissue paper wrapping. Not to mention the fantastic items that I had bought. This internet present comes from Lady! Behave:

My second present was some more vintage kimono fabric from my favourite ebay seller. Again it is the little touches that makes buying from them such a pleasure:

After opening these parcels it really did feel like it was my birthday!

But its not all about me. I have also been making some more new home gifts for friends.

I saw this post a while ago: and I have been desperate to make it.  Who would have thought the inside of bank statement envelopes could be so pretty.

Paper mache is the best way to connect with
your inner child.

I hade some pages left from some hollowed book jewellery boxes I made a while ago so I was pleased to find a good use for them.

They are also now the proud owners of a fabric picture. Another idea spotted on the interweb- so pretty I think I will make one for the house later today.

I did warn you I was in love with this fabric...

Right time for a bagel with peanut butter. Happy Sunday everyone!

Friday, 11 March 2011

Craft Bird Collective now available on Etsy

Happy Friday All!

Just a quick one guys and gals to let you know the Crafty Bird Collective is one step closer to online world domination. You can now buy all our wares on Etsy!

Keep you eyes peeled for new items after the weekend.

One of the beautiful pics I have found on my travels round the interweb-
posted here for your delight!

Monday, 7 March 2011

Presents for you (and me)

The creative buzz continues and I have been making house-warming and birthday presents. 

I spent a wonderful afternoon with an old friend at a pottery painting cafe- drinking tea and catching up on gossip. I have a real weakness for pottery painting cafes- I would go all the time if I could and this place in West Hampstead is one of the best I have been to:
This time I painted a Teapot for my friends Hazel & Chris who have just moved in together (they nearly just got some flowers as I was rather pleased with the way it turned out!) and a little sushi dish for me.

A Novel...
...TEA item
Sushi dish with cross-section of beaver dam and most excellent pun.

On my sewing machine I have been stitching up a storm making some vintage kimono bunting for another dear friend's birthday - the perfect present to make sure everyday is a parade-

and a matching laptop and cable bag for me! (Ok so I only have a cable bag because I didn't follow the golden rule of measure twice, cut once... a lesson for us all?) 

I am in love with this fabric. You will be seeing a lot more of this...

Lovely bright orange and soft grey felt to protect my new shiney

If you see anything you like then don't forget to ask me for a commission!

New Folksy Stock

It's SUNNY! Yeah its cold but the main thing is that its not grey outside all the time.  And with the sun has come a tremendous creative buzz.

First up: I have had my first sales! This was a most exciting day and has given me renewed faith in the whole project. Thank you crafty bird buyers x.

On the 3rd of April is Mothering Sunday. My Mother's Day cards are back from the printers and I am pleased as punch. I have gone with a teal/ blue grey colour scheme and kept the designs simple- playing with different fonts. Each card has its own kraft paper envelope with a lino-cut design stamped on the front. Get 'em while they're hot!

The photoshop brushes have been kindly made and posted by nibbler-stock and Toy Birds