Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Ah the joys of leaving for work without a coat and coming home in the light. And the blossom is out and you can smell things again. Officially Brilliant.

So in honour of this fab season I have been making some pretty flower bits:

Chrysanthemum Ring- colour Chai Tea

Dahlia & Sakura drawing pins ( diplayed in the awesome
wine cork board my little sis made for my birthday)

Dahlia & Sakura magnets & my new business cards.
I found these amazing cabochons on etsty http://www.etsy.com/shop/snapcrafty?ref=seller_info- check out snapcrafty's profile- there's a lady with a plan B!

And in the name of the good ole spring clean I have made some bags to keep things tidy. A replacement scrabble bag so I don't get accused of cheating when they all fall out:

Appliqué 'S' for Scrabble 

And a peg bag for my friend Chris. Probably the strangest thing I have ever been asked at a wedding is ' can you make peg bags' but there you go and here you go- I hope you like it!

I have also had some more lovley presents from the internet-this time from picklehead http://www.etsy.com/shop/picklehead?ref=seller_info

Picklehead's product description: Obviously librarian bear loves to read, but what he REALLY loves (in fact the whole reason he became a librarian in the first place) is looking up books in his card catalog. He's a silly bear who has a thing for little drawers of alphabetized cards.

This cute notebook is made from 30 pages of various papers. The cover is made from green card stock.

Picklehead's product description: Little pack of 10 security envelope stickers. These cuties were made from recycled security envelopes that I can't bear to throw out because of the cool patterns they come in! :)
And last but not least an embroidery hoop frame for Big Trev who is looking rather dapper at the moment.
Fabric: Bermuda Stripe from the Remix line Robert
Kaufman- watch out for a matching sundress!

Big Trev's collection of beautiful Cushions

The new bed. I love it. Can't you tell...

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