Sunday, 13 March 2011

Feathers, fabric & paper mache- oh my!

Yesterday I was more hungover than I could cope with. I was a pathetic and sorry sight. But instead of telling me to 'man-up and get on with it'- my beloved boy pretended it was my birthday. I was treated to breakfast in bed complete with flowers on the tray and a bundle on internet gifts that had arrived for me that morning.

And what gifts they were! There are many reasons that I love online shopping, but the main reason is that it feels like you are being sent presents, and when you receive something as beautifully presented and wrapped as this you feel like the most special person ever.

Can't wait to wear my new accessories to my friend's wedding
in 2 weeks time

Check out the vintage photograph greeting card and the tissue paper wrapping. Not to mention the fantastic items that I had bought. This internet present comes from Lady! Behave:

My second present was some more vintage kimono fabric from my favourite ebay seller. Again it is the little touches that makes buying from them such a pleasure:

After opening these parcels it really did feel like it was my birthday!

But its not all about me. I have also been making some more new home gifts for friends.

I saw this post a while ago: and I have been desperate to make it.  Who would have thought the inside of bank statement envelopes could be so pretty.

Paper mache is the best way to connect with
your inner child.

I hade some pages left from some hollowed book jewellery boxes I made a while ago so I was pleased to find a good use for them.

They are also now the proud owners of a fabric picture. Another idea spotted on the interweb- so pretty I think I will make one for the house later today.

I did warn you I was in love with this fabric...

Right time for a bagel with peanut butter. Happy Sunday everyone!

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  1. i love your little bowl! here's to many, many more... :)