Friday, 23 September 2011

Drawing Challenge- The Great Reveal

That's it. My days of commuting from Brighton to London are over and my 19 day drawing challenge is complete. I am going to miss the drawing challenge a lot. I really felt I improved towards the end and became a lot less dependent on using words as part of the illustration. But my word it was hard. The rules I set myself were that I was allowed to think about the drawing during the day and even look for inspiration but then I just had my evening commute to complete the drawing and I couldn't go back to work on it. 

And so without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you the fruits of my drawing challenge labours...drum roll...

(Please click the images to enlarge them if you would like a closer look)

Here are the tools of my trade which I carried with me for the drawing challenge. Oh Sharpie pens how I love you...

The Challenge

Day 1: Myself

Day 2: Favourite Animal

Day 3: Favourite Food

Day 4: Favourite Place
Day 5: My Best Friend
Day 6: Favourite Word

Day 7: Favourite Plant
Day 8: A Couple

Day 9: Just a Doodle
Day 10: Something Orange
Day 11: Something I Want
Day 12: Something I Miss
Day 13: Something I Need
Day 14: My Most Recent Accomplishment
Day 15: Scenery
Day 16: Something I Don't Like
Day 17: Something I Love
Day 18: A Place I'd Like To Go
Day 19: A Congratulatory Banner For Finishing!

So there you go. I would love to see if anyone else has completed this or the 30 Day Drawing Challenge so please comment with your link so I can check it out! x


  1. Excellent! I must set myself a 30 day challenge...can they all be eating cake??

  2. I think 30 days of cake sounds amazing. Do it! x