Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Cushion Addiction

My name is Laura and I am addicted to making cushions.

Not that the recipients seem to mind too much! I had some amazing maternity dresses donated by Slim's sister-in-law and I used one of them to make a striking pair of cushions for my friend's wedding present.

Not sure they got they were cushion covers but they look happy to have some new hats...

For my crafty partner in crime's Birthday I needed an extra special present. Lady K has a little love affair with squirrels so when I found a T-shirt with a squirrel riding a motor bike on the front I knew she had to have it.

It wasn't a great shaped shirt so the trusty scissors came out. I got a little applique happy with the rest of the design but I am really pleased with the results. So much so I was a little reluctant to hand it over last night.

In other news- CraftyBirdCollective raised £20 for the HD awareness week- so thank you to our buyers!

I am off on holibobs for 2 weeks- YIPPEEE- more craftyness to come in July xx

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