Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Action is the finest REMEDY ~ Salman Rushdie

*11.10.11 UPDATE* 
The Remedy Website is now live! 

I am very lucky to know a talented and lovely bunch of people and I feel very special (in a good way) when they ask me to be involved with the things they do. 

My friend Ange has set up her own homeopathy practice called 'Remedy' and a few months back asked if I would design the cards the treatments were sent out in (in exchange for some homeopathic remedies which worked a treat by the way...) 

Although I have been making cards for donkeys years this was the first time I had been commissioned to design something and follow a brief. 

Having done some research into the look of other homeopathy practices I knew I wanted to steer away from anything too hippy or too medicinal. Homeopathy to Ange meant "harnessing science, philosophy and poetry with dynamism, analysis, quantum and the natural world". I played around with more graphical interpretations of this but it was the simpler, photographic pictures which were working best. 

The hardest bit was finding a font and the right text to accompany the image- I think this vintage typewriter font works a treat and I love the way 'your remedy' conveys the personal and tailor-made approach to homeopathic healing.

After feeling quite daunted by the task (and photoshop), I have come out the other side having thoroughly enjoyed the process. It was a great to receive such thoughtful and encouraging feedback on what I was doing and it has really helped the way I work and my confidence (and photoshop skills) have blossomed because of it. Thank you Ange and I wish you all the best.

I feel a toast is in order so please raise your glasses for 'Remedy' and 'CraftyBirdCollective'- Bring it on 2011!

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