Friday, 4 February 2011

Sew it goes..

I was rubbish at sewing when I was at school and I have to admit that my mum did a lot to help me out- especially with knitting (the merit I got for the knitted octopus should really have gone to her...). But then some blackout curtains were needed for Big Trev, the camper van, and in a bid to save money it was decided that I should try and make them. You can see my efforts here:
It turned out I wasn't so rubbish anymore and that I quite liked it. And that guys and girls is how I come to have a rather expensive fabric addiction.

For my 28th birthday I got this rather beautiful sewing machine. Then came the discovery that ebay has  fabric shops where you can buy amazing vintage kimono fabric. When the bank funds ran dry I went through my wardrobes and cut up all my dresses. Now have no money or clothes but I do have an amazing collection of cushions and bunting so its not all bad! My own need for scatter cushions has been sated for now and I will be making some more to sell on the Crafty Bird Collective Folksy shop... get your orders in!
Mexican Paper Cut Cushion- front
This will be a birthday present for a lovely chum
In case we get lost in the wilderness...and need to rest?
What is the collective noun for cushions? A plump?
Christmas bunting that has now become an all year round decoration
Another soon to be birthday present-
check out the vintage kimono material *sigh*

I would like to thank my dear friend Patrick and his snazzy jazzy camera for taking these pictures for me last night. Cheers!

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  1. Thank you for my birthday cushion - I love it! And it goes so well on our new sofa too :o) xx