Tuesday, 15 February 2011


I'm not big into Valentine's Day and have never done anything special with my significant other but for the last few years I have sent my favourite girls a Valentine's Day reminder that they mean a lot to me. In the past I have gone to huge lengths to send it from the mysterious ? but that hasn't always gone down so well (it somewhat takes the edge off when your mother thinks it was from her 8 year old god daughter or your friend 'just wants to check' it wasn't from her stalker.) I have also stopped putting huge quantities of glittery bits in the envelope so that my display of love doesn't lead to more housework...

So this year my valentines hopefully received something that looks like this in the post...
Cute stamp set Christmas present all the way from Aus!
I found this online tutorial for little fabric wallets and figured it wasn't beyond my capabilities: http://hollandcox.com/blog/2010/06/tutorial-the-19th-street-wallet.html

And inside should have been something that looked like this! 
(They were all made of different fabrics but cleverly I posted them before I took pictures of them.)

This project was a great way to use up some of the smaller fabric scraps that, due to my hoarding nature, I had kept not so neatly tucked away. The skull fabric is by Alexander Henry and the amazingly OTT kitsch kitten fabric is a Japanese import called 'Candy Party'. Brilliant.

Tonight the folksy shop goes live so stay tuned for an EXCITING post tomorrow. Till then big hugs to everyone and lots of love xx

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