Friday, 4 February 2011

Dress Up

I am a big fan of stumbleupon and probably spend more time than I should on it. But it does have its rewards. I found a great post on the Talk to the Trees blog I have never even attempted to make an item of clothing before and I must have been feeling in a pretty cocky mood when I thought 'why the hell not?'. AND John Lewis had a sale on their fabrics so who am I to argue with fate?  (plus dress making could solve my fabric addiction/ the fact I cut up all my clothes...)

It didn't take me 30minutes to make but I did manage it in one evening with minimal swearing. I made mine slightly longer so I could wear it to work without flashing my pants and so the sash was a bit lower to define my waist more (and hide the Christmas puddings I consumed last month.) Result. So thank you Rachel for your inspiring tutorial and watch this space for more Laura Made garments!

Ta da! 

Close up detail of the beautiful fabric- goes with EVERYTHING!

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