Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Etsy titbits I: Menagerie

Welcome to my first post of Etsy Titbits.

Etsy is such a tease. Everyday it tempts me with emails full of glorious things talented people have made. So I have been making my own collections of pieces and people that have caught my eye... the theme today is Menagerie.

This first theme celebrates the new cards now on sale in the etsy & folksy shops! Come and grab your own little piece of woodland whimsy!

Wall Candy

 One Can Never Have Too Many Friends Print, BlackBaroque
Super Manatee, lino print by Vicky Day
April Bear, Corelladesign

Will perform for cakes plate, Jimbobart

Joey the Bear plate, BeatUpCreations

Little bits of Whimsy

Platypus Flash Drive, Hemingwayfun
Narwhal Ring, Papersparrow

Finnish animals tote, Andyeatsonlycandy

Stay tuned for more etsy titbits in the future!


1 comment:

  1. lovely selection! i have a soft spot for the Suoer Manatee for sure : )