Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Did I say something July?

My word! Where did July go?

I'm afraid to say there haven't been any crafty antics of late but I have found lots of things to make once the lovely, crazy, busy (TLC's difficult second album?) summer calms down.

Like this for instance:

"ooohh pretty" I hear you say. Damn straight. And it has one line of instruction:
Flick glow-in-the-dark paint inside a mason jar. Allow to dry.

Next up may I present to you the most beautiful butterfly cake I have ever seen!

TA-DA! You should check out the other creations on SugarRobot's etsy site. Truly amaze-balls.

And this is just a random picture from DesignSponge. It might just be the most perfect place on earth:
But I say that like I've been having a horrid time which certainly isn't true. My holiday in Cornwall was beautiful.Great weather, great food, great company.
Constantine Bay Sunset
This was our view each night accompanied by a bottle (or two) of red. Pure Bliss

And when we got back to camp this was our cosy den.
Fairy lights? Check. Lots of blankets in a Navaho Indian style ?
Check. Radio? Check. Balloons? CHECK CHECK CHECK! I heart Big Trev.
And I found some fun settings on my camera. Tilt-shift features heavily in the photo album...
Mini paddling Laura at Bedruthen Steps
Slim did some excellent fish BBQ cookery and even gutted the fish himself. Not a job I would have fancied but I was more than happy to step up to the mark when it needed eating.
Thai-style Sea Bream  with samphire, courgette and baked spud.
Eating. Like. Kings.
It has also been Slim's big 3 0 birthday and we had a fab weekend camping with friend in the Sussex countryside. Just look at that bunting. I found it in a shop in Brighton- I tell thee- it was like walking into my mind. Best steer clear come pay day..
We don't really take a phone camping- it was being returned to some friends but I thought it looked rather fetching...

Emily of Brighton Bakery made this awesome DIY themed cake. Made with carrots, courgette and ground almonds it was so moist and tasty. And wheat/ fat free!

We were also treated to these rainbow cupcakes from Sal! CAKETASTIC. 
I love a girl who coordinates their nail varnish with their baked goods- nice work Vix.

The decorating committee (Ben & Sal) did a sterling job with these tealights in jars hung from trees around the campfire. It looked magical.

I don't know about the birthday boy but I had a great time!

I have some pictures of the garden I would like to share with you soon and also some sneak previews of the bed Slim has been making. So till then I shall love you and leave you with this cute tutorial from the Guardian website. Ta-ra xx

How To Draw Bunnies by Simone Lia...

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  1. Oh wow, those jars are brilliant, what a cool idea. Looks like a fantastic birthday trip. Look forward to seeing the bed and garden! Hx