Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Drawing Challenge...

Whilst messing 'bout on tinternet at lunch (it is a wet play day- thanks British Summer)
I came across this lovely post by Allison Lehman

And I thought that it would be the perfect way to get crafty on my commute. Now I only have 19 - yes that's 19- working days left of my Brighton to London commute so I have decided to customise the challenge to the "19 Day Drawing Challenge" (I think you'll agree I did something rather special and clever with the title there...)

So here is my drawing challenge list

And I have the perfect notebook to use for such a project: The Library Bear!

I am not a natural drawer so this will indeed be a challenge- and I think today's will be the hardest of all!

I was going to upload them day by day but you will just have to wait for the big reveal on the 22nd September.

Wish me luck! x

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