Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Home Sweet Home

I didn't want to leave London but it turns out I was a fool to feel that way. I do, of course, miss my friends a great deal but they have gained a seaside retreat so it feels like I'm seeing more of them! 

Brighton has allowed myself and Slim to live the lifestyle we tried so hard to achieve in Brixton- that is to say full on Barbara & Tom. But with less goats.

Slim's fingers have been itching to start a new project since work on the van was completed so when we took over an unfurnished flat he decided that he would make our bed. I think he may have misunderstood when I said 'I love chippies' but it turns out I quite partial to both.

If like me you think that going to hardware shops is not the most exciting thing you could do with your day then you will understand my reluctance to go wood shopping. But we weren't going for a jolly to B&Q- we went to this most tremendous place in Brighton Town Centre.

Slim has found his fantasy store
"The Woodstore sells recycled wood from old reclaimed floorboards, antique pine joists, driftwood to all kinds of beautiful pieces that have a unique history and charm." Beautiful, Unique, Charm. Yep, ticks all the right boxes! What an inspirational place. After much deliberating and help from the friendly staff we came away with some beautiful pine posts for the frame and a solid piece of oak to use as the headboard. We also got some old drawer fronts to turn into shelves -  NOT A SPICE RACK - for the kitchen and no doubt we will be back soon to stock up for our future makes.

Because Slim did most of his work when I wasn't around I don't have any 'in the making' photos but his mortise and tenon joints are a thing to behold. Saturday was the first night we slept in it and it was A. MAZING. And it wasn't just because we had spent 2 months sleeping on a mattress on the floor.

Slim is adamant that I let you know it isn't finished yet. It still needs staining and waxing, but I think you'll agree that it looks incredible. It certainly makes all our other furniture look like it was salvaged from a skip (oh wait, that's cos it was...) I am so proud of the work he has done and I can't wait to see what he makes next.

Not to be outdone by the bed, the garden is certainly vying for our attention. As we moved late May  we were a bit behind getting our seeds in but everything has thrived in our little sun trap. 

It is such a joy to spend time sitting and pottering around the garden, especially after my long commute.

One of my favourite pieces of wedding booty.
This one is from the White Wedding

I seem to have only taken pictures of flowers but our tomatoes, courgettes, salad and beans are all looking tasty too! And there are some Elder tree branches leaning over our wall so I have been harvesting the berries ready for some Elderberry Wine. On the hunt for a good recipe if anyone knows one...

While I am showing you our outside space I would like to introduce you to the newest addition of our family: Everyone this is Archie.

He was rescued by Papa S from some youths who were mocking this poor, neglected puppy as he lay on the pavement waiting for rubbish day. How could we refuse a home to such a creature! He now sits guarding our front door. Just look at his obstinate and simple face.

He is in much need of some love and paint but I'm not which colours to go for- any suggestions? I look forward to being able to show you Archie in all his glory soon.

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  1. thanks very mooch for the comment, in fact i already had a little look at your blog t'other day too cos mazz was on it!!! ..i bloody love you new bed, so cosy..i have that knitted throw from the special exclusive flat-pack furniture shop beginning with 'I' too! take care x